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Choosing Great New Phone Service

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Installing Data Cable In Your Offices

Any business that uses an internal network, a phone system, or a paging system more needs data cables running from their work stations to a server or network room. Hiring a contractor to install the data cables for you is crucial. The right cable running to the right place is critical if the system is going to work the way you need it to. 

Laying Out Cable Runs

The first thing that any data cabling company is going to do is determine where the cable needs to go and how to best get it there. Pulling cable through the wall or in an overhead space is the most common way to get the cable from one place to another, but if the contractor does not lay out the runs in advance, mistakes can happen or lines missed that are critical to the system. 

The cabling contractor you are working with may want to have a blueprint of the space you are in so they can determine the most efficient way to get the wiring to all the places it needs to be.

The cable may all leave the server or network room together, but you may need multiple drops from the main bundle of cable to work stations around the office, and planning is the best way to ensure you get all the lines in the right place. 

Overhead Cabling

In offices that have drop ceilings, cabling is almost always running down from overhead. The cables can run up into the ceiling inside the server room and then run to the proper locations inside the space between the drop tiles and the original ceiling space. 

For buildings with concrete floors and open spaces filled with cubicles, the contractor will most likely bring the cable down inside a hard conduit in several places and then supply several work stations at the same time. While they can cut the floor and run the lines under the concrete, the job is going to be much more difficult, and the cost much higher. 

Some buildings may have restrictions about cutting the concrete, but modern construction sometimes has conduit in the floor that allows for cabling under the concrete. The problem is, often, that conduit may not run to the right places for your office layout, but talk to the cabling contractor to determine how to run your cables best. 

Walls and Outlets

If you have walls, even false walls that are nothing more than dividers in your office, the cables can still run down into them. Most of the time, the walls are not structural in a commercial space but are wide enough to run wires through and install data outlets in. 

If you have that option, the job can be much cleaner, but again, the contractor doing the work can best determine if that is something that will work or not in your situation. 

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